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Stone countertops offer numerous advantages when installed in your home.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages natural stone has to offer is the potential value it can bring to your home. Your countertops will last for decades and won’t depreciate over time with the proper care. If you ever decide to sell your home, these high-end features will allow your home to appeal to more potential buyers. Your stone countertops may also help you get the most return on your investment by selling quickly or above appraised or listed value, especially in a quickly developing market.


If you aren’t quite convinced that stone countertops are the right choice for you and your home, here are even more benefits you can expect from our countertop installation services.

Low Maintenance Options


With proper application and upkeep of a high-quality sealant, granite countertops require very little when it comes to overall maintenance. You won’t need costly cleaners or have to add hours to your cleaning routine in order to keep your surfaces sparkling. All you need is a soft cloth and a mild soap and water mixture, making daily cleaning is easier than ever!


Because of this stone’s inherently non-porous characteristics, quartz countertops won’t ever need to be sealed. There’s also no need for specialty cleaning products, making clean up a breeze.

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Hygienic Options


With a proper sealant application and maintenance schedule, your granite countertop surfaces will remain incredibly hypoallergenic. This means your stone won’t harbor or spread any bacteria, odors, microbes, or viruses.


The resins make sure that your engineered stone surfaces will remain non-porous for the stone’s entire lifetime. This means your quartz countertops aren’t prone to staining and won’t harbor and spread bacteria or viruses. Some countertop installers may also offer an antibacterial additive for extra peace of mind upon request.

Options for Durability


Granite is harder than other stone countertop materials like marble. Meaning that your new kitchen or bathroom countertops are less likely to chip and crack, providing you with decades of luxurious beauty and guaranteed performance.


The polymer resin additives result in a stone that’s harder than other countertop options like granite and especially marble. This engineered stone is perfect for high-traffic and heavily used spaces because it’s nearly impossible to scratch. This is the most popular option in kitchen renovations.

Low Cost Options


If you have a tighter budget, but are still in need of an update, laminate could be an option. Laminate is not as durable or as hygienic as its stone counterparts since it is made from layered plastic. Not only is it easy to damage, when it is damaged there is no way to repair it; it must be replaced. This includes stains from fruit juices and scratches from cutting, so we don’t recommend this material often even if it does get the job done. Various brands of laminate counters are available such as Formica, Nevamar, and Wilsonart.

Adding natural stone to your bathroom countertops and vanities can transform the entire space. When you want to create a stunning, dramatic look or get the simplistic feel of understated elegance, stone countertops are the way to go. But it doesn’t have to stop there! You can add a solid surround to your tub or shower, giving more of your bathroom the same feel and elegance of your new granite countertops or vanity. If you would to learn more about solid surrounds for your home, check out our Solid Surround page.

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